From the conceptualization of your vision to the finished mural, we guide the collaborative process with professionalism and ease. We manage all logistics associated with the project (i.e lift hire, materials etc.) whilst keeping you informed and engaged in the creative process.

Our standard mural project process is as follows:

Vision Phase:

  • We meet with you on-site to see the space and connect with your vision for the artwork
  • We provide you with a fixed price quote for the project

Confirmation Phase:

  • Confirmation from you to move forward and payment of deposit due
  • Schedule dates for mural installation

Collaborative Design Phase:

  • Further discussion and sharing of ideas for mural artwork
  • Client to provide inspiration images (i.e favorite murals, visual inspirations of any kind, branding, marketing, website imagery, color palette etc.)
  • Create conceptual design for the project
  • Discuss final coloring and details

Creation Phase:

  • Create mural
  • Final payment due upon completion


Our prices are determined by the following factors: mural size (area), style of artwork, level of detail, design phase, estimated production time (days), materials required, time constraints/turnaround time, location and preferred production time and dates.

Because each project we undertake is site-specific and unique, each project requires evaluation to provide an accurate quote. After discussing your vision during your free on-site visit, a fixed price will be emailed to you.

Our quote is fixed–which means no hidden or additional charges will be added at the end. While painting, if we determine that the final artwork would look best if we paint a larger area, you are not charged for the difference. It's important to us to always create the best mural suited for each space. Our quoted price always includes all materials (spray paint, acrylic paint, ladders, rollers and trays, drop sheets, masking tape, stencils, safety gloves & mask). Lift hire, if necessary, is itemized separately.

Conceptual Design

We aim to keep the collaborative design phase simple and efficient to minimize design costs and invest more time in painting the murals. We start by discussing and sharing ideas based upon your inspirations (favorite murals, visual inspirations of any kind) and branding imagery (marketing, website imagery, colors etc.). Then, if necessary, we create a conceptual design sketch for the mural(s). Following this, the conceptual design is refined as required and the final details and color palette are confirmed prior to mural installation.


We only use low VOC latex paint and the highest quality, health-conscious spray paint and materials, product description available here: We are highly safety-conscious in our workmanship and practice. During painting it is advised that the immediate space is not in use, however the paint fumes do disperse quickly and the space is fine for use immediately after painting ceases. Our installation timing is flexible and we always consider the needs of your space when identifying and scheduling the mural painting.