Murals that enhance & transform spaces Engage audiences  Activate brands


Gold Winner of Event Marketer Magazine's 2015 award for Best Permanent Corporate or Retail Installation (commissioned by George P. Johnson for Bud Light).

The Mural Co. is an award-winning creative mural agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area, specializing in large-scale interior/exterior murals, graffiti art, street art & urban contemporary art installations. Leading the team, Rye QUARTZ is a passionate creative director and artist with over two decades of experience. Our curated team of professional artists includes some of the most well-known and respected graffiti | street & urban contemporary artists from across the globe. Although based in the Bay Area, we love to travel as much as we love to paint and are available globally.  

Our passion is to create captivating, culturally relevant murals that enhance & transform spaces, engage audiences, and activate brands. Because we love our work and are continually driven to push our own creative limits, we treat every project as an opportunity to create the best artwork we can. For us, no project is complete until we have put 100% of our energy, creativity, skill and vision into the artwork.

Every idea, vision and style of artwork is possible including: original brand-inspired artwork, geometric, abstract, typography, urban calligraphy, traditional graffiti, cartoon, figurative, portrait, realism, anamorphic, 3D, optical illusion and more. Each piece of artwork we create is original, hand-painted and designed collaboratively from your vision.

In addition, we offer supplemental media packages; producing film content, time-lapse photography, videography, and still photography.